CEHMM maintains an established division dedicated to providing environmental consultation services to industry for expediting permit authorizations regarding work on state and federal lands. These services include writing environmental assessments in support of applications for permits to drill (APDs), conducting APD “quick looks” in support of expediting APD submittals, trench monitoring and surveillances in support of BLM mandates.

Environmental Service and Permitting

CEHMM can conduct reviews, assist with writing and submitting Application for Permit to Drill (APD), BLM Form SF-299, and Environmental Assessments (EA) to the satisfaction of regulatory agencies.

Services Include:

  • Conduct reviews, edit, and submit Applications for Permits to Drill (APDs) through BLM’s Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS 2) 
  • Liaison services for BLM, SLO, or private lands services
  • Negotiation and execution of state, federal, and/or private land permits and/or regulatory permitting and authorizations, including provisions and requirements contained therein, for realty and permitting services (e.g., rights of way and corresponding easements
  • Logistics, Preplanning (constraints analysis), NEPA document (assist in preparation), Expediting of agency, private land permits, and/or regulatory permitting, and Cave/karst reviews

  • Environmental Assessments (EAs), Review engineering and drilling plans, and Archeological ARMS reviews

  • Collation of information, Survey verification and conflict analysis through GIS, Right of way, trench, pipeline, and site monitoring, and Industry development siting, permitting, and construction monitoring

Reseeding / Reclamation / Restoration

CEHMM can provide pertinent planning for site preparation and appropriate plant species selection for seeding.

Services Include:

  • Liaison services between parties and BLM and/or State Land Office
  • Caliche removal with
  • Re-contour to natural grades 
  • Interim reclamation and removal of extant infrastructure to include legacy fences, roads, power lines, or service equipment.
  • Erosion mitigation and repair, Custom seed mixes, Reseeding capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and Fertilization

CEHMM can provide BLM, SLO and other approved surveys.

Services Include:

  • Raptor Biological conflicts
  • Infrastructure conflicts
  • Special Status Plant Species (SSPS)
  • Archaeology
  • Lesser Prairie-Chicken Surveys
  • Cave/Karst
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