"The opportunity is before us to make a different future, and untested approaches are in motion.  Is it enough of the right actions in the right places to maintain and recover this icon of the Southern Great Plains?  The outcome hinges on our collective will to restore the prairie and the dynamic disturbances that maintain it."  from Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens (2016)

Just released by CRC press, Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens, edited by Dr. Dave Haukos and Dr. Clint Boal, this 376-page book synthesizes the current body of knowledge on lesser prairie-chickens, creating an invaluable resource to guide future research, management, and conservation efforts. There are 31 contributors to this book. Collectively they provide a detailed picture of the species and the complexities surrounding its conservation. 
In New Mexico, three people contributed: Patricia McDaniel (CEHMM Range Scientist), Betty Williamson, and Grant Beauprez.
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