CEHMM - Environmental

In 2013, CEHMM established a new division dedicated to providing environmental consultation services to industry for expediting permit authorizations regarding work on state and federal lands.  These services include, but are not limited to:  writing environmental assessments in support of applications for permits to drill (APDs), conducting APD “quick looks” in support of expediting APD submittals, trench monitoring and surveillances in support of BLM mandates.

Environmental Assessments/Applications for Permits to Drill

CEHMM can conduct reviews and editing of Applications for Permits to Drill (APDs), to the satisfaction of the BLM or other regulatory agencies as required, that include, but are not limited to:

  • Quick looks
  • Reviewing engineering and drilling plans
  • Archeological reviews
  • Accuracy, spelling and grammar
  • Survey verification through GIS
  • Collation of information (ensuring that two components of the APD do not contradict each other)
  • Liaison with BLM to ensure processing expediency
  • Writing of Environmental Assessments (EAs)

CEHMM can also write Environmental Assessments only and deliver to BLM for review and approval.

Pipeline or Site Monitoring

CEHMM can provide site reconnaissance to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts to affected plant and animal communities. Services include:

  • Plant and animal inventories, generally performed prior to major construction activities and tailored for mitigation of impacts to protected species.
  • Daily procedural trench reconnaissance in accordance with industry safety protocols and in accordance with BLM, NMDGF, and USFWS approved protocols.
  • Trained, qualified field personnel for inspection and animal extrication (including venomous reptiles) and transportation to licensed, permitted rehabilitation facilities if required.
  • Monitoring includes project management, administrative support, and reporting. 

Reclamation/Environmental Restoration

CEHMM can provide pertinent planning for site preparation and appropriate plant species selection for seeding. Services include the following: 

  • Caliche removal with re-contour of rights-of-way back to normal grades to conform and re-establish natural integration with the surrounding landscape.
  • Removal of extant infrastructure to include legacy fences, roads, power lines or service equipment.
  • Erosion mitigation and repair
  • Reseeding capabilities with state of the art equipment
  • Technical expertise in rangeland management to include range assessments, plant inventories, animal inventories, and grazing regiments.
  • Provide liaison services between parties and BLM and/or State Land Office.
  • Technical expertise in the re-entry, workover, and upgrade of rangeland water resources such as windmills for the provision of water to livestock and wildlife.

Rights of Way

CEHMM can assist with:

  • Negotiation and execution of state, federal, and/or private land permits and/or regulatory permitting and authorizations, including provisions and requirements contained therein, for realty and permitting services (e.g., rights of way and corresponding easements).
  • Liaison services for BLM, SLO or private lands services as needed.
  • Logistics (e.g., archeological due diligence), correspondence, negotiation, and field reconnaissance required for project implementation.
  • Provide (BLM, SLO approved) subcontract services (e.g. surveys, archeology) as required by cognizant regulatory agency (e.g., BLM, SLO).