CEHMM - Conservation Fund

Conservation Fund

The CEHMM conservation fund/mitigation bank is an account that has been established for contributions to the CEHMM cooperative conservation program. The purpose of this account is to provide the means for private entities to contribute funds to specific conservation endeavors. This not only provides the opportunity for tax deductible contributions for conservation, but additionally allows a donor to dedicate each respective contribution into the conservation program of their particular interest.

Areas of specific interest for conservation fund considerations include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Lesser Prairie Chicken conservation and recovery (including captive propagation)
  • Sand Dune Lizard conservation
  • Riparian conservation
  • Archeology/Paleontology
  • General Wildlife Programs (e.g., wildlife watering units, conservation education)

Each contribution can be dedicated to one or multiple conservation programs with a full accounting of disbursements to each respective donor. Additionally, donors are provided with an acknowledgement of receipt from CEHMM, as a 501(c)(3), for tax deduction purposes.

The CEHMM conservation fund is established to further education, interpretation, and on-the-ground conservation efforts in southeastern New Mexico.

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