CEHMM has worked within the field of environmental science and care for over fifteen years. During this time, CEHMM has focused on multiple issues that affect both the environment and human health. As part of CEHMM's dedication to providing services which ultimately benefit the community and the environment, CHEMM is proud to offer a new suite of analytical services.

CEHMM's Analytical Laboratory is now offering analytical services for detecting and quantifying specific analytes within the environment. Chronic exposure to these analytes can cause long term damage to plants, wildlife, and the community. By offering analyses to detect these chemical compounds, it is CEHMM's hope to provide critical information for the remediation and protection of natural resources.

The Analytical Laboratory is now accepting samples for the analysis of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene (BTEX), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), and chlorides. BTEX are among the most common chemicals associated with natural gas and oil production. TPH refers to a large range of hydrocarbons, from C6-C35, which are also present in the natural gas and oil industry.

  • Analysis of BTEX samples is performed according to Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Method 8260D. This is the most current method provided by the EPA, and combined with the powerful gas chromatography system employed by CEHMM, provides for both high throughput and highly accurate analysis of samples.
  • Analysis of TPH samples is performed according to EPA Method 8015M. This method is a modified version of the EPA Method 8015, with changes made to the range of hydrocarbons analyzed to include motor oil range organic compounds. This method, combined with the top-notch equipment here at CEHMM, produces fast throughput and an expanded reporting capability for the hydrocarbons present in a sample.
  • Chloride analysis of samples is accomplished through the use of Standard Methods 4500. Samples are titrated using silver nitrate, where silver ions react in a one-to-one ratio with chloride ions in the sample to produce a visible precipitate.

CEHMM has always sought to provide reliable and rapid service in its offerings. Utilizing a combination of effective training, top notch equipment, and rigorous quality controls, standard reporting time for analysis is 3 business days. Analyses can also be expedited to same-day reporting, as necessary to keep up with rapid pace of development within the Permian Basin.

In an effort to provide services to meet the demanding growth rate of industry, CEHMM also offers a Rapid Response Team (RRT). The RRT is composed of professionally trained individuals who sample and characterize sites of gas and oil related spills. The RRT is HAZWOPER certified and trained. This team is integrated with the Analytical Laboratory, providing a premier service in terms of turn-around time and accuracy.


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