CEHMM is proud to announce that with the help of Xcel Energy the Lake Avalon beautification project, funded by the Xcel Energy Foundation, is on its way to making a huge impact in the community.
Lake Avalon, located along the Pecos River North of Carlsbad, is an area used by many local residents for hiking, fishing, and hunting. Although many enjoy what this area has to offer, the lack of trash disposal facilities and the vast amount of public presence has caused litter to accumulate around the lake. CEHMM’s goals of the clean-up project included improving the health of the community, the health and vitality of the Lake Avalon ecosystem, and the aesthetic value Lake Avalon can give to the community. To date, CEHMM has removed over 5,000 lbs. of litter and installed 10 anti-littering signs and 4 trash receptacles.

CEHMM hopes that this project will provide a clean and safe recreational area and a healthy ecosystem for the local residents to enjoy.

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